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Weight Loss & the Mind

When the topic of weight loss comes up within any kind of communication platform, it is easy to see the amount of information that is out on the subject. Just get online and type in a search for “weight loss” and the insurmountable quantity of information that floods the internet and other media outlets are, in all reality, overwhelming. Take a step into a bookstore and there is often an entire section of books dedicated to talking about how to lose weight. Every single fitness magazine in every issue will, without fail, have at least 1 article talking about how to lose fat off your body. There is an overload of information on HOW to lose weight. Everything comprised of workout routines, sleep, nutrition, tracking, etc. There are without a doubt a lot of very intelligent individuals out there who are providing very quality information on the subject. Finding that information won’t take you very long.

That’s why here, we aren’t going to talk about HOW to lose weight. Rather, I want to discuss with you all about the mind when following a weight loss regimen. This is a subject that isn’t so much talked about in the fitness information libraries. Even when you go talk to your personal trainer or during a consultation you are likely to spend a great deal more time discussing what you should be doing and not so much and how to motivate yourself on how to succeed. Weight loss is a difficult process for a number of people, in order to effectively make these changes in your lifestyle to lose weight, you are changing probably years of habits that until recently you didn’t think were all that bad. With all these changes that are fighting your typical habits, weight loss habits add up to be a very significant change in how you go about each day. Add in your social circles, who are used to you acting and participating in gatherings in a particular way adding pressure to “take the night off” and return to your previous habits. Needless to say, we could go on and on about the many difficulties that can hinder progress in the weight loss journey. Being told what to do isn’t quite enough. You need to be taught how to overcome these difficulties and train your mind to accept new habits the same as you are training your body to make changes as well.

Below I am going to introduce you to some simple tricks that you can do on a daily basis to train your mind and reinforce your will to enhance your weight loss journey:



One of my most successful clients lost over 150 lbs in the course of a year. She worked hard and overcame a number of difficulties along the way. When we were discussing her journey and taking note of her success, she mentioned to me a very powerful lesson. She said to me, “I didn’t lose 163 lbs, I lost 1 lb 163 times!” The perspective of losing 150+ lbs, or even 50 lbs could seems pretty daunting, but making efforts to lose 1 lb on a daily basis can help change the way of viewing the task as something very doable.


One of my mantras in life is “The mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited”. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we will ever give them credit for, and most of the time, the limiting factor in our success or failure is our mindset. But you can convince your mind that you are able. Take 15 minutes on a daily basis to close your eyes and create an extremely vivid image in your mind about you reaching your goals, crushing that next workout, looking good in that bathing suit, whatever motivates you. The body will follow what the mind wants it to do slowly and steadily. If your mind is set to the tune of weight loss, the body will respond appropriately! All you need to do is see yourself succeeding on your weight loss journey.

Enjoy the Process:

Weight loss is difficult in itself. If you aren’t enjoying the things you are doing during this process the less likely you are to succeed. There are so many ways and methods that exist to effectively lose weight. You need to talk with a number of trainers and experts to find a method that you enjoy. This, in turn, will increase your potential to stick with the process long after you’ve reached your target weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the pounds off.


It is essential to remember that the mind is your most powerful tool and companion in your weight loss journey. The mind is the key contributor to how your body responds to the changes you make. As you strengthen your mind to continue your journey, you will also enhance your performance, this will improve your weight loss results and ultimately take you on the path to a successful weight loss program.

At our locations in Meridian, Boise, and Nampa we can provide not just the supplements and meal programs you need to succeed, but also be there to help motivate you and be a supporting partner during your entire weight loss journey. You are more likely to succeed with an awesome supporting cast behind you than trying to do it by yourself. Not only with us at Nutrishop will you find the support you need, but we also partner with amazing local gyms to add to those supporting you through your weight loss journey.

Every Day... A Little Stronger

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