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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

This Post is for those thinking about joining one of our Transformation Challenges to achieve their Weight Loss Goals!

There are a number of misconceptions that can be understood as truths when talking about losing weight. The term “weight loss” in general is not as simple as it may sound. It is also not as generalized or black and white as the two simple words may portray. The reality of how the body reacts to exercise and the correlation of losing pounds off the scale is a bit more complicated than how it seems, but also, it’s not as complex as others may make it sound.

Let’s start this discussion off with some truths about “weight loss” that need to be understood in order to get a better idea of what you need to be doing in the kitchen and gym:

Body composition is a key indicator of your health -

The body is made up of various kinds of tissue. Bones, Organs, muscle, fat, etc. Some of these are not able to change significantly, like your bones and your organs. Those are constants of the body that exists at certain sizes and weights and not diet or exercise is going to change those. However, Muscle and Fat are two kinds of tissue that adapt and change according to lifestyle, and even more importantly, the ration of muscle to fat is a key indicator of how healthy someone is. Too much fat typically produces a number of adverse symptoms that can lead to more serious diseases and difficulties in general. Not enough muscle can impair mobility, weaken joints, inhibit temperature regulation, as well as other issues. On the other hand, not enough fat can affect the proper production of hormones and too much muscle (compared to fat mass) can create the effect of having too little fat as well as deplete unnecessarily the energy stores the body needs for other processes.

Weight loss is not the same as fat loss -

While in many cases the general demographic that is considered overweight does have an excess of body fat. Fat loss specifically may not result in overall loss of pounds on the scale. For example: A person weighs 150lbs, they have a body fat mass of 40% (40% of their mass is fatty tissue) resulting in 60lbs of fat. This person engages in a training program and reduces their body fat tissue 15lbs bringing their total fat mass to 45lbs from 60lbs. Also in the process gained 20lbs of muscle mass. So this person loses 15lbs of fat tissue but gains 20lbs of muscle mass resulting in a person who now weighs 155lbs which is an overall net gain of 5lbs on the scale and is now with a body fat mass at 29%, or a net loss of 11% fat mass and an overall transformation of 35lbs (loss of 15lbs of fat and 20lb gain of muscle). What your goals are and a healthy body composition play a big role in determining what you need to do during your fitness journey because not all routines and programs are the correct fit for everyone.

Goals are the driving force of any journey to a fitter, healthier you. However, they need to be analyzed to see if they are right for you. Not everyone needs to lose weight or fat. A Marathon might not be the best place to start. With some good quality advice from coaches and support, you can find out how to transform your body in the best way for you.

Here at Nutrishop Meridian, Boise, and Nampa we are always starting new transformation challenges. We want to place a huge emphasis on the word of TRANSFORMATION. This is not a weight loss challenge and it is not a tracking pounds off the scale. While many people engaging in their routines are going to lose weight overall, the key to success of this challenge and what honestly will lead anyone to a healthier life is transforming their bodies to build muscle as well as burn some fat. On top of that, tracking progress and shooting for that optimum body composition that is what will not just help in the short term, but also improve quality of life in the long run. Optimum personal performance comes from having enough muscle to move efficiently and limiting the fat mass to promote healthy metabolic function.

When you follow a proper training and nutrition protocol your body will transform and find it’s optimum state. With the proper fuel, the body will have the quality energy to push its physical limits. When the body is pushed physically, it will change and adapt to improve performance and ease stresses placed on it. When approaching a healthy and effective program. You should always consult a professional to understand where you are and what options are available to take you where you want to be, and if your goal is a healthy one. Fitness goals are not always black and white. Search out support from your local experts at Nutrishop Meridian, Boise, and Nampa, we are here for you.

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