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21 Day Personal Challenge

Challenge Details:

Nutrishop's 21 Day Personal Challenge is a FREE 3 week personal challenge to help you build healthy and consistent habits! This FREE challenge helps you become the best version of yourself!

Challenge Benefits:

  • Customized Meal Plans

  • Body Composition Scans 

  • In-Person Consultations 

  • Custom Supplement List 

  • Proved Food List

  • Exclusive Lifestyle System

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Want to become the best version of yourself? Go to or stop by your local Nutrishop to sign up!

Building Healthier Communities

Since we began in 2013, we have been on a mission to make our community the healthiest and fittest possible. We wanted to provide a way to give everyone the opportunity to take part in our proven, effective methods. 

We want to follow our mission: Be a  Clean, Honest, Transparent, and Reputable resource for our community concerning all things Health and Wellness. We will provide the accountability and methods needed to bring everyone who comes into our doors closer to achieving their goals.


We will host your Health & Fitness challenges as a FREE service 

There are a host of benefits for utilizing our Health and Wellness Challenge services for your business, club, group, or family. 

FREE Access to the InBody body composition scanner ensuring accountability for all participants. 

All Participants can take advantage of FREE customized meal plans prepared by our highly trained and knowledgeable staff

Everyone taking part of challenges we host will have access to EXCLUSIVE discounts and offers

FREE nutrition coaching and plan adjustments throughout the duration of the challenge & onward


For More Info on Signing Up 

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