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3 Keys to Transform Your Body

We hope you are ready for an opportunity to transform your body! Today through the 30th of March, We are beginning early sign-ups for the next body transformation challenge! The first week will start the 31st and run through April 8th. In light of this great chance to get a jump start on your spring fitness goals, we wanted to provide some pointers to think about as you start making your plans on how to win the grand prize and transform your body and life! We are always pushing for all of you to make the most gains as possible and are constantly working hard to provide you with all the tools, advice, and support you need to achieve your fitness goals. We know that in the end, the time you take to improve your quality of life is the most important time of your day.

Here are 3 important keys to transform your body successfully as you get pumped to start this challenge:


1) The Law of Accommodation:

The body by nature is lazy. The whole reason why it grows muscle and makes improvements to itself is to alleviate any stresses placed on it, trying to work as little as possible to accomplish the task. The Law of Accommodation states that the body if performing a task over long periods of time will stop improving and cease to transform because it has reached an optimal efficiency that does not require the extra energy of creating or maintaining new adaptations (like more muscle, improved cardiovascular function, etc.) The key to keep progression steady is to also steadily increase the intensity of workouts. This can be done by more weight, less rest, more reps, more sets, more time, faster pace, and many other ways. The key is to always push for more!

2) The 1-2 punch of nutrition and exercise:

We all know that exercise and diet go hand in hand. What many don't realize is that not all combinations go together. Imagine eating oatmeal drenched in sriracha, both are good things, but they don't go so good together. The same concept with your diet and your exercise. The best way to get this planned out is by talking with specialists and experts on the subject. We, at Nutrishop Boise and Meridian, use actual body analysis data and loads of experience to help you plan the perfect 1-2 combo for your goals and transform your body.

3) Baby Steps:

Life is full and busy, everyone has some mixture of obligations including jobs, families, friends, appointments, events, hobbies, school, and on and on. The demands on our time are pretty extreme since we all want to be able to eat and rest and have a little bit of time dedicated to ourselves as well. When setting your fitness goals, keep this in mind. Take the baby steps that will help you succeed from the beginning. For example, if you aren't going to the gym at all, don't set a goal of making it to the gym 6 days a week right from the start. Think about maybe getting there twice a week and set yourself up to hit the mark. Then increase, step by step, because the best way to get into a habit of making and keeping goals is to make goals that can be achieved and taken up a notch frequently. Realistically, you only have so many hours in the day and already so many commitments, don't just add to the juggling act, find ways to simplify your commitments and replace unnecessary time constraints with the goals that will build you up.


Remember, we are always here to help you out. Not only us at the store, but we have athletes and other connections and partners who are willing to help you in any way they can. Take advantage of the wide base of knowledge at your fingertips through us and our partners, it will only help you succeed and achieve your goal to transform your body!

COME SEE US SOON, We have 3 locations to serve you... no matter where you are in the Treasure Valley

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