The ‘pump’ occurs when muscles become engorged with blood both during and after resistance training. This is typically achieved by performing multiple sets of moderate to heavy weight at moderate to high repetitions. 


Some dismiss the ‘pump’ as a temporary condition that's strictly cosmetic. That's simply not true. Studies clearly show that cell swelling, which occurs with the ‘pump,’ initiates both anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Specifically, this swelling promotes a significant increase in protein synthesis with a corresponding decrease in protein breakdown. Since muscle growth is predicated on the protein balance, this translates into a muscle building home run!


Many serious bodybuilders and gym goers already understand the value of chasing the ‘pump.’  Consider the pump your ROI for your gym session. After all, when you train hard, you want to FEEL it and SEE it (full muscles lookin’ all good in the mirror), right?  

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